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  312 Walnut Street, Suite 2310
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

DIRECT: 513.985.6601
FAX: 513.985.6603
We seek investments across a wide range of industries and do not have any industry focus or bias. We target companies that are profitable and have a proven business model. We seek to provide capital that is otherwise unavailable from traditional lending sources and is less dilutive than traditional equity capital. Our capital is transitional and often helps companies to achieve a transition in ownership, acquire a company or product line or assist in deleveraging the senior debt to provide the company with the flexibility to execute their business plan. We seek to invest in companies that are strong performers in their industry and that have strong and invested management teams.

Our investment criteria include:

$1 to $12 Million Investment Size

3-5 Years
ROLE: Sole Investor or Co-Investor with another Mezzanine Group


Mezzanine Debt and/or Equity
USE: Recapitalizations, Acquisitions, Buyouts or Growth Financings

PRICING: Competitive Fixed Rates and Fees Adjusted for Risk and Leverage. Yields Achieved Through Combination of Current Pay, Accruals, Front and Backend Fees, and Warrants

APPROACH: Creatively Structured to Fit the Unique Needs of the Borrower and the Specific Characteristics of the Capital Structure and Business Model
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