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Our Strategy

Northcreek is industry agnostic, and targets profitable companies across the U.S. that have a proven business model.

Our capital helps companies to achieve a transition in ownership, acquire a company or product line, or assist in deleveraging the senior debt to provide the company with the flexibility to execute their business plan. We invest in companies that have proven track records with top tier management teams.

Investment Criteria

Our investment criteria include:

Size: $1 to $12 Million Investment Size

Term: 3-5 Years

Structure: Mezzanine Debt and/or Equity

Use: Recapitalizations, Acquisitions, Buyouts, or Growth Financings

Pricing: Competitive Fixed Rates and Fees Adjusted for Risk and Leverage

Approach: Creatively structured capital to fit specific needs

EBITDA: $1 million +

Industry/Geography: Any